What We Offer

How we outfit your child for school:

  • We visit your school in the spring and measure the children.
  • In September we schedule a winter fitting with the schools.
  • We also provide fitting services in our fully stocked retail store to assure you'll be happy with the fit.
  • We provide free alterations as needed.
  • Late spring fittings for back to school are offered at all schools.
  • Year round we offer a fully stocked retail store.
  • We also offer a convient Layaway Plan.

Lobel's provides uniforms and gear for students from approximately 50 schools in Hudson, Bergen, and Essex counties, and we have also provided services for people in New York and other organizations that have approached us.
We're a family-type atmosphere, and sometimes you can see the same faces for 20 years. We have a good reputation. We follow the blueprint of success that was started by my grandfather, and we still run the store in an old-fashioned way where the customer comes first.

We're all about old time retail that isn't around anymore. First of all, when you go into a department store today, you don't get individual help. Basically the old-time retail assures you are waited on by someone, which is something that really appeals to our customers.

It's great customer service and good leadership, but basically the customer is always right, and that was my grandfather's way. And that is still our way at Lobel's Uniform Outfitters.